Fuel your startup with private equity,
social influence and experienced consulting.



We are a group of private investors and researchers who strongly believe in the future of Blockchain and decentralized technology. This technology of the new age will disrupt our global economy and the way we interact together. Therefore we want to contribute and help Blockchain become adopted on a global scale. We harness all of our experience and expertise obtained in the last 4 years operating in the space, from our team and partners located all around the world.

Our goal is to invest and collaborate with the best startups in order to aid them build a solid foundation. We try to achieve this not only by funding, but also with business consulting, marketing and promotion and strategic planning along the way. Our firm wants to act as an amplifier between the starting business and our global community. Cooperation in our experience is the best investment.


We invest in digital assets at an early stage of a project or during initial coin offerings. With the aid of our global team, we evaluate the potential growth of a business idea and if the market is ready for it.

Our team and network consists of professional investors, analysts, influencers and developers.



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