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Private Capital

We provide capital between $20,000 - $1,000,000 as strategic partners or during pre-seed, seed and private offering rounds. We can also assist with fundraising through our network of VCs and accredited investors.

Marketing and Promotion

Our vast network of market specific influencers (Youtube, Twitter, Telegram and Medium), traditional marketing vehicles and our connected community of 60,000 investors from all over the globe allow us to showcase and boost our preferred investments or clients. Furthermore our partner firms can assist with content creation for social media.


One of the most important parts a start-up struggles is establishing partnerships and finding clients. We believe that collaboration brings the best out of two organizations, as such we aim to create partnerships with companies that operate in the same sector. Furthermore an income stream early on for a project is detrimental to its success, that is why it is one of our first priorities to connect start-ups with the organizations that would benefit from the product or service of the start-up.


Our cumulative experience in traditional assets and cryptocurrencies allow us to aid firms with white-paper creation or modification, setting roadmap goals and formulating a fitting strategy. We aim to guide and help firms we invest in throughout the whole process and ensure their future success through cooperation. This can be done through an advisory position if the firm decides so.

Community Management

A necessity in our market is investor interaction and when this is not met the results are, most of the time, negative for a firm. We provide experienced personnel from our global community that can occupy such positions part-time or full-time.

Development Assistance

In some cases, firms require a head-start or assistance in the creation or development of their envisioned technology. Our group can also help in that department of your firm by supplying it with veteran developers that possess experience in APIs and Blockchain technology .

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